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Red, White & Blue Ice Pop Keychain

Red, White & Blue Ice Pop Keychain

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Nostalgia alert! This Red, White and Blue Ice pop keychain is sure to bring back memories of chasing down the Ice Cream Truck! 

Add a Splash of Fun with Our 3D Printed Firecracker Ice Pop Keychain!

Brighten up your day with this playful 3D printed Firecracker Ice Pop Keychain. Featuring a delightful Ice Pop design in vibrant red, white, and blue stripes, it captures the nostalgic charm of classic firecracker Ice Pops. Lightweight and comfortable, it's the perfect accessory for adding a touch of summer fun to your keys or outfit.

Made from durable, high-quality PLA plastic, this keychain is designed to last through many adventures.

Perfect For:

  • Summer lovers who want to embrace the season’s spirit.
  • Anyone looking to add a whimsical and personal touch to their style.
  • Making a statement at picnics, parties, or everyday outings.

Personalize Your Keychain! Choose from our classic red, white, and blue design or contact us to create your own custom color combination.

Order Your Firecracker Popsicle Keychain Today and Let the Fun Begin!

Product Details:

*These keychains are 3D printed with PLA plastic, which, like most plastics, can fade or warp under sun exposure. As a 3D printed item, it may show layer lines, print seams, and other minor imperfections. Each piece is crafted with care to minimize these issues, ensuring a high-quality finish, though some imperfections are normal.

Important Notes:

While these keychains look tasty, they are NOT edible and could pose a choking hazard. Keep them out of reach of children or anyone who might try to ingest them.

PLA plastic is resistant to UV rays but may fade over time with direct sunlight exposure. It can soften at temperatures around 140°F, so avoid leaving it in hot environments. Colors may vary slightly from the images due to variations in the materials used. Please keep these considerations in mind to prolong the life of your keychain.

Design and Credits: The firecracker Ice Pop design is created by 3D designer JDicerchio, adapted for use as a keychain, and printed and sold by TechTree Treasures under the Creative Commons license: Creative Commons License.

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